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Welcome to QX Call

0870 437 xxxx and 0845 198 xxxx international call is now BACK and call to 0870437/0845 number may be included in your phone packages (if it was included before 1st of July unless you have been notified otherwise). CLICK HERE to check your destinations such as Albania, India, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan etc. Also, excellent call quality route now available on India via 0845/0870.

  • We are please to announce that QX Call will now allow our customer to call 0843/0844,0845 and 0870/1/23 numbers (up to 7p Service charge) for an access charge of 3p/min + the service charge compares to the very high access charge charged by the likes of EE. So, calling a 0845 number with a declared service charge of 2p will cost 5p/min (3p access + 2p service charge) via QX Call vs 27p - 46p/min levied by the main mobile operators..

Get our cheap international call 0845/0844/0871/0872 access numbers here.

OR for full list of ACCESS NUMBERS in a page, CLICK HERE
NOW UK Mobile (Main 5 and their MVNO) just 5p/min via 0844 5740574 and then 07xxxx#.


Number Translation Services : 0844 / 0845 / 0872 / 0800 translate to landlines, mobiles and international destinations

We provide a wide ranges of 084x, 087x, 0800 and 070 numbers that can be diverted to landline, mobiles and international destinations.

This product is suitable for both businesses and consumers. If you are dialling a certain international destination frequently, by using our Number Translation Service, you can save time and money.

For Example

Divert 0872 number to Vodafone/O2/T Mobile/Orange mobile. This will cost 10p/min from BT and most landlines and nothing for the receiver. You can change keep the same 0872 even when you change the mobile number. Diversion can also be done on time-based basis such as divert to a landline during the day and mobile in the evening and weekend.

Divert 0844 number to Thailand, China, India, etc. This will save you from dialing long international number and you can select the price range that suits you (between 2-5p/min). You might be able get a rebate or you may need to pay extra depends on your destination and call volume. For business - you can get a UK number that diverts to your business oversea. For consumers - you can call home in a single stage using UK number. It's simple and less chance to misdial.

Please CLICK HERE for more details.

Free or Cheap international calls from LANDLINES/MOBILES

We provide both direct dial through access number such as 0845, 0844, 0871, etc and prepay account where you can top up online.

Direct Dial Through (QX Dial) is suitable for landlines users. Some access numbers are suitable for mobile users such as 0872 is charged at 10p/min from T-Mobile, 15p/min from O2, etc. For more details, CLICK HERE

Prepay Account (QX Call) is suitable for all users especially mobile users where you can use your free minutes on 01xxx access number. Many mobile and landline packages are now come with unlimited landlines which make it ideal to use with our QX Call service. Our service is charged per second and the credit is never expired. For more details, sign up or top up, please CLICK HERE

For a quick summery of access number and prepay rate, you can select the destination from the drop down menu below. This allow you to compare which access number/service is more suitable for you.


Access Number (+your phone company's Access Charge)
01635 774 300
QX Call
Prepay Rate

AC = Access Charge, SC = Service Charge

*A minimum charge of 6p Per Call and a setup fee of 3p Per CALL apply to calls to 0845,0870,0844/3 numbers. P means Peak hours, i.e. Mon-Fri 8AM-6PM; OP means time other than peak hours.

If you are calling from O2 Mobile, calling 0872 is charged at 20p/min only (cheaper than calling 0871 - which is charged at 35p/min).

Point based system calling card (QX Dial+)

This is a point-based system where you can save up to 75% on international phone bills (depending on what is available and economical to you). You can purchase, earn or collect points by different methods. Some are cheaper than another or even free. Points earned can be spent from any phone, landlines or mobiles.

For example, you can collect points by calling 0845 number during peak hours and you can spend them anytime. So, you may benefit from inclusive minutes provided with your phone package. If you have BT Together, Talk Talk and would like to learn more about this service, please CLICK HERE.

For other options including converting free unlimited landlines into points. CLICK HERE .

You can also convert points earned here to be used for SMS service below.