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Welcome to Q X Dial - Pakistan Special
Service operated by QX Telecom Ltd.



You can call Pakistan and Pakistan mobile via 0845 access number as the following:

(a) Dial 0845 198 2012 at anytime.

(b) When our system answers, dial 0092xxxxxx# and wait to be connected.
Press ## to redial / if you dial incorrectly. Good quality connection used.

Call to 08451982012 may be included in your mobile or fixed line Free minutes. If not, call cost 7p/min + applicable access charge.

For more options,  please visit



All information provided in good faith. E & OE.

With QX-Pakistan, you can now call Pakistan using your inclusive 0870/0845 inclusive minutes via a 2 steps process. Please visit for mode details and options.

By using the service,
You agree not to use the service in any fraudulent, illegal or malicious way. We reserve the right to vary destinations, reject/disconnect fraudulent calls without prior notice and without giving any reason.  By making a call you agree to be bound by these terms. You must have the bill payer permission to use the service. You explicitly agree that QX Telecom Ltd may enhance the service, discontinue the service or change the terms of this service at anytime without giving any notice. The new terms shall be published on this page. The terms are governed by law of England.

The service works via UK telecom interconnect agreement where you pay your telephone service provider the call charges to ring 0845 198 2012  number and your phone company will then pass part of the call charges to us, allow us to fund the call to Pakistan . The actual cost to you is hence your operator charges to ring the 0845/0844 number. You will also be charged by your provider once our system answers as as far as your phone provider is concerned, they have done their "job".


Q: How much does 0845 198 2012 / 0844 215 2012 number cost ?

Call package that include calls to 0845 number before 1/7/15 may continue to include call to 0845 numbers (as in the case with VirginMobile/EE/Vodafone with 08 add on, PostOffice homephone etc).  If it is not included, service charge for the 0845 198 2012 number is 7p/min + any applicable access charge that your operator may levy.

Q: What can I do if call does not connect ?

Send an email to fault @ stating the number you want to call (or another number in that same city/mobile network) and the access number you dial (e.g. 0845 198 2012) and we will see what we can do.

Q: Can you give me a 0800 / 01 / 03 number to call Pakistan ?

Of course, but you will have to pay for the call charges  using a credit/debit card - see . This may be a better option for mobile phone users.

Q: How can I make completely free call to Pakistan ?

We have not quite figure out yet !! Maybe through an ad-funded scheme which we are currently exploring.

Q: I have other questions

Email us at If you are reporting a problem, please state the access number you dial, your phone number (so we can trace the call) and what you hear. Unfortunately, saying "it does not work" is not sufficient...we have yet to be able to read your mind :-)